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From Our Users

Our users are the heart of Rowlingstone. See for yourself what they have to say about our services.

Had a good chat with Otto about my portfolio today. I feel so much better having guidance from you guys.


Premium Chatroom User

Thanks to Rowlingstone I have been able to understand ICO’s more convenient and participate in multiple crypto opportunities through the Premium services. Highly recommended for starters and professionals.


Premium Chatroom User

Thanks to Rowlingstone I was able to invest in very early stage projects with decent use-cases that will disrupt their specific economic sector. When I joined I expected very well researched projects, organized presale opportunities and most of all trustworthiness regarding my investments… And they delivered.


Premium Chatroom User

The team at Rowlingstone is one of the best in Crypto, they are honest, skillful and very well connected in the cryptospace. That leads to awesome private deals in significant ICOs for their members plus they give excellent calls for trading opportunities. I’m glad I became a Premium member.


Premium Chatroom User

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